Additional Services

Specialty Marketing Mail Metering


We meter mail daily, and there is no worry about having enough money in your account for permit mail either! You also do not have to pay mail permit fees, as we have all types of permits for all mail classes: Media, Non Profit, Standard and Business Reply Mail. We also consult with you on metered mail.

Specialty Marketing Mail

You don’t have to be limited in mail design! We will work with your organization to assemble and get that unique mail piece into offices and mailboxes! Whether it’s odd-shaped greeting cards, camp kits or elegant holiday and anniversary mailings, we’ve got you covered!


Every Door Direct Mailing – we are experts at working with the EDDM system to get your mail piece to customers by zip code and sub-regions within any zip code – perfect for political or cause-based mailings where you don’t have a list but you know where your target market lives.